To cater for those of us seeking to starve the dealers, a newer product is becoming more widely available. Methadone was originally developed by the Nazi's during World War II. When the supply of opium was cut off, Nazi smackheads like Goering wanted to avoid the possibility of withdrawal, so
he instructed the German drug companies to produce a wholly synthetic opiate that didn't need to rely on the poppy. With typical Teutonic efficiency, the chemists came up with a drug that not only worked, but also lasted a long time. As a result, Methadone has become the drug of choice for doctors who are trying to help users manage their opiate dependency. Heroin wears off after a couple of hours, thus requiring several hits each day. Methadone, on the other hand, lasts anywhere between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the dose that you take and on your individual metabolism.

Methadone comes in several forms - 10mg ampoules, 5 mg tablets, Methadone Linctus - 1 mg in 2.5 ml or Methadone Mixture DTF - 1 mg in 1 ml. Again, very rarely somebody will break into a chemist and pharmaceutical methadone powder will come onto the market. This stuff is very, very strong, so if you ever happen to come across it, be extremely careful how much you use, especially if you are only used to street smack.

Many users claim that the problem with methadone is that it lacks heroin's
intensity. It doesn't give you the same rush when injected and many users
believe that the high is inferior compared to heroin. How much of this
resistance to methadone is psychological is unclear. Many users become
obsessed with the rituals of drug use - cooking up a hit, or rolling a bead
around the foil.

In blind trials, users who were given both drugs orally were unable to
distinguish between the effects of the two drugs. Where heroin does have a
real advantage over methadone is in withdrawal. Withdrawal from heroin
should be over after seven to ten days. Withdrawal from methadone though,
can take up to a month or even longer.

Any discussion of the properties of Methadone must also be an appropriate
place to warn of the dangers of Cyclazine. In an attempt to replicate the
effects of a now almost defunct drug called Diconal, desperadoes of the
drug scene have been known to mix certain travel sickness pills with
methadone ampoules before injecting them in an attempt to produce a
Diconal-like rush. In fact, the use of this combination just produces self-
destructive Martians whom all right-thinking junkies shun because of their
tendency towards compulsive and chaotic behaviour. -McDermott's Guide to the Depressant Drugs (1993)

Methadone Tablets