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What is cystitis?

Cannabis for Cystitis in Other Cultures and Times

The ability of cannabis and cannabis-based medicines to alleviate the pain, inflammation, and irritation associated with cystitis, was once well-known and documented, not just in North America, but elsewhere in the world. The following are excerpts from Russo, E. B. (2006). Cannabis treatments in obstetrics and gynecology: A historical review. In E. B. Russo & F. Grotenhermen (Eds.), Handbook of cannabis therapeutics: From bench to bedside, (pp. 315-346).

  • In 1794, the Edinburgh New Dispensatory noted use of a hemp seed oil emulsion in milk, useful for "heat of urine," "incontinence of urine,"... (p. 320).
  • In another contemporary text (Scudder, 1875), the author observed (p. 100), "I have employed the Cannabis specifically to relieve irritation of the kidneys, bladder and urethra. It will be found especially beneficial in vesical and urethral irritation, and is an excellent remedy in the treatment of gonorrhea". (p. 323)
  • A selection from a broad French review follows (Michel 1880, pp. 11-112 [translation EBR]): "Illnesses of the genito-urinary organs. Indian hemp has been employed in a large number of uterine affections....The tendency of authors is to administer it while the pain element predominates. (p. 324)
  • J.B. Mattison wrote extensively on therapeutic cannabis...."In genito-urinary disorders it often acts kindly...". (p. 327)
  • Felter and Lloyd (1900) described numerous ob-gyn indications for cannabis (pp. 426-427): "The greatest reputation of cannabis has been acquired from its prompt results in certain disorders of the genito-urinary tract. In fact, its second great keynote or indication is irritation fo the genito-urinary tract....It is therefore useful in ...chronic irritation of the bladder, in chronic cystitis,...and in painful urinary affections generally.(p. 328)
  • Nadkarni (1976) reported the use in India of a poultice of cannabis [which] valuable in preventing and curing...dysuria...(p. 332)
  • In a book about medicinal plants in India (Dastur 1962), we see the following: "Charas [hashish] of great value in-dysuria...". (p. 332)

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