Opium Tools

"The layout, or kit for opium smoking, consists of a pipe, a spirit lamp, a large needle and a container of opium paste, all set out on a tray. Other useful items include a scraper for cleaning out the pipe bowl, a sponge, scissors for trimming the wick of the lamp, a set of scales for measuring out the opium and extra bowls for the pipe in case of breakage. "

- p. 54, Opium: A Portrait of the Heavenly Demon by Barbara Hodgson (1999)

"Before smoking, the opium must be prepared by someone who is skilled in the art of smoking the "pill", known as "chefing" in America. The "chef" uses a pair of needles called yen-hok to manipulate the opium over a flame, drying and heating it at the same time. When the pill (or yen-pok) is ready, it is quickly inserted into the bowl of an opium pipe and heated further. Opium is not burned but heated, which creates vapor rather than smoke. The vapor carries the alkaloids straight to the bloodstream via the lungs.
The residue left in the opium pipe is called yen-shee and contains a lot of morphine. "

- p. 86, Opium for the Masses by Jim Hogshire (1994)

Opium Tools