Proof of pre-Marihuana Tax Act use of Medical Cannabis (1920-1932)

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Text and images retrieved from on March 7th, 2015.

Historically Speaking, because no real settlers were allowed into (what is now the state of Oklahoma) until late in 1889. [Oklahoma was only granted statehood in 1907] Other than in military reservations, little in the way of actual brand name medicines should be expected before that time. And to make matters worse (at least at first), there weren’t all that many druggists or drugstores to be found.

According to one website: [1] Not very many pharmacists from other areas wanted to leave their established business in other states to come into the Oklahoma territory --- “Thus, a shortage of pharmacists existed. “And it wouldn’t be until 1893 that a school of pharmacy would be established.

Thus it should come as no surprising that NO MAJOR pharmaceutical houses originated within the state of Oklahoma. However, that did not mean that medicines (including Medical Cannabis) were not imported from surrounding states. As these prescriptions show [note that these examples come from throughout the whole of the state], Medical Cannabis was in common use BEFORE the passage of the M.T.A. (Marihuana Tax Act), which effectively put an end to its medical use.

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Oklahoma Cannabis Prescription, 1932
Oklahoma Cannabis Prescription, 1932
Oklahoma Cannabis Prescription
Oklahoma Cannabis Prescription, 1920