Wm. S. Merrell Indian Cannabis Fluid Extract


INDIAN CANNABIS (Indian Hemp Foreign. Cannabis Sativa (variety Indica). USP): From the laboratory of Wm S Merrell Chemical Co Cincinnati Ohio) Corked amber bottle measures 6" tall (not including the stopper).

Small red label on the neck of the bottle that reads: "Poison Indian Cannabis/Indian Hemp-Foreign. Cannabis Sativa (variety Indica). USP. Fluidextract. Part used-The tops of the flowering plant. From the laboratory of Wm S Merrell Chemical Co Cincinnati. In moderate doses a stimulant to the cerebro-spinal nerve centers, its stimulating action is followed by anesthesia and loss of muscular sense. Used to relieve irritation of the genito-urinary tract, and is an excellent remedy in gonorrhea. Cannabis Indica is recommended in migraine, dysmenorrhea, and for insomnia due to alcoholism. Dose: 2 to 20 minims." (era unknown)

Image and label information from Antique Cannabis Book, Chapter 4

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